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Isnin, 4 Julai 2011

Friendster.com shredding your pictures & blog.

Friendster.com (Friendster) is another social networking site which currently still available on internet.

Before involved actively in Blogspot world, I've began my writing in Friendster’s blog. Cik Faridah Abdul Rashid among my friends who is responsible introduces me the web.

Now Friendster.com has came up with new appearance. They've made major revamp upon the website and turned it to totally fresh new look.

So, for those who’re have an account with Friendster.com should check it out. But this time you need to re-register in order to retract the previous account.

Those who wanna to set-up an account with Friendster.com, also welcome.

Due to highly maintenance, those blog & posted pictures had been deleted/vanished from the account. Now your account need to start from beginning. In short, Friendster.com has left your account with emptied box.

Friendster.com has to put further step to survive, keep relevant and stay competitive. Today’s we have witnessed the way Facebook overshadowed all social networking providers. Facebook has enlisted itself for top number one in people choices.

In fact, Google, the number one search engine on internet, also put up a pace to compete with Facebook, i.e came out with Google+.

In order to beat and stay connected in internet, Friendster has to react and come out with attractive, live and fresh look.

Friendster’s users had been informed to redirect or save of their work, pictures or information on other sort of means of storage devices from thier account. The circulation had been circulated as early as last January.

Nonetheless, I feel so sorry to myself due to taken it for granted. I just simply not concern and disregard the announcement. Now I’ve to pay the consequences. All my writing and pictures on the blog has gone due to lag in transferring it from Friendster’s blog to current blog.

If you notice, few of my last entries in this blog, which has put into direct transfer, have been experienced the pictures had gone or been deleted. This is happened due to I’m not uploading ‘the pictures from Friendster account’ into Blogspot pictures account. Uhuk! Bad on me, what the lame ... uwakkkkk..

Anyway, I will try to recover some of pictures which I was kept it in another sources.

Moral of story.

Next time please beware and pay attention. Keep update and alert the surrounding area. Do not allow indolent plays around me.

“Picture is a master tool to records moments and keeps memories alive within us. If the picture has gone, it took all priceless recorded moments and history evidence away for future references.” 
(Opps... karangan bahasa Inggeris maza macam kanak-kanak tadika.. hehehe.. hentam ajelah)
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