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Isnin, 29 Julai 2013

Be Succesful

"Lailaha illaAllah", "Allahu akhbar!
(There is no god, except Allah), (Allah The Greatest)

Allah is the One, Allahu Ahad!
Allah is the Ultimate!

Every single thing you’ve see around is garbage.
It’s nothing, including you is nothing.
But Allah is Alive Forever,
Allah is The Greatest
Everything you know, hear and see are belong to Allah.
You and I are nothing, just nothing, absolutely nothing.

If you astray from the deen (way) of Allah; by gazing alternative sources . . . you will find frustrated, there have no might!
And you fall upon to technologies, armies, wealth; the land, trees, the sea, the ocean, the animal, the moon, the stars, the galaxy; Be it the Angles, be it in Haven; the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh haven, and the ocean above that, the Throne (Arash) of Allah,  the Kursi (Chair) of Allah: ALL ARE DEAD! Demolish by sakaratul maut (Armageddon/Judgement Day)!

Nothing moves! Nothing makes! Nothing breaks! Nothing gives! Nothing harms and nothing benefits; “illa Allah” (EXCEPT ALLAH)!

Lailaha illaAllah! (There is no god, except Allah)
This is the kalimah (statement) there is no “ilaah” (god)
There is no might!
There is no power!
BUT ALLAH! (illa Allah!)

This kalimah “Lailaha illaAllah!”, thus makes you successful!
Successful and peace!
Successful in this Dunya (worldly life)
Succesful in our Qab’r (grave)
Successful in Yawm al Qiayamah (Judgement Day)

Allah is the Ultimate!
Allah is Everything!
“There is no god, except Allah” and “Muhammad is His messenger”.

Tazkirah Ramadan by
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