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Selasa, 3 Mei 2011

Osama ben Laden: The bustard was killed at last!? Justice prevail!?

Mei 1st, 2011 most people around the globe were captivated on celebrating their labor day. Or just embrace holiday tidily.

In very same day, some other countries witnessed demonstration. People came out to street. They exclaimed for better salary, increase the quality of life, or just simple marching in the stadium to listen some speeches from the leaders.

But another corner of the world there was different news. US security forces were hooked up with a mission to assassinate someone who was accused as a mastermind of a terrorist group; Al Qaeeda. His name is Osama ben Laden.

This time US armed forces claimed that they had successfully killed the most wanted man on earth after 10 years pursuing him.

CIA at first was found Ben Laden’s hiding location in a three storey building at northern Pakistan. CIA said the house was surrounded with high guarded and tight security equipped with deathly weapon.

Barrack Obama (the President of United State of America) on last night confirmed the incident. He also admitted the actions was taken by his own direction. This is accorded to what was initiated and planned by his predecessor; President Bush.

Barack Obama also told to reporters, none of US soldier was found dead and no civilian casualties took place.

This assault leads by US with cooperation Pakistani authorities. (Hmm … I guess, if there have any death or casualties among the security forces, it will be Pakistani personnel, not US!)

In conjunction with this incident, US security forces had been ordered by Mr. President to stay in alarmed. This is to secured position and prevent from any rebellion, counter attack or aggression taken place by a group of people or individual who are against the mission of apprehended Osama ben Laden.

Back Home.

Malaysian Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib also has called upon the Malaysian security forces to open eyes widely and monitor closely any sign of threat due to the death of Osama ben Laden. Malaysia have to take precaution measure, in order to prevent any substantial public threats to brake.

By international law and diplomat understanding, we are oblige to protect the US Embassy from any attack!

Bygone is bygone.

Well if you ask me what is my reaction. I would say, hmm … I not really bother. It is just a normal life cycle.

Those who live, sooner or later will be facing the same i.e death. It is just a matter of time! Sooner or later death will be ‘prevailed’!

Usama ben Laden may be dead by now or still at large and the US intelligent just playing around to cover-up the story. Or try to conceal the failure. Or 'sweep under carpet' to put-off what they have done before.

There have many questions arise then the answer itself. Especially when US authority was planning to ‘dump’ Osama ben Laden and his family body into Arab Sea other than to bury. Now another question has aroused i.e are they tried to seal something or there have some facts want to dispose?

If Ben Laden’s really been overcome by killing him, I don’t think so there will be no more terrorist existence, the peace will really be installed, or even the attack upon US soil is over! Perhaps the threats become escalated! Stay unease or even worst people will live in fear.

Some other regards this event is a conspiracy crated by US intelligent and whatsoever…

Anyway … I wish to reiterated some proverb; "A good leader will leave behind a great name to remember by generations!"

maza lantun-lantun lak hari ini nak guna bahasa alien .... ini semua gara-gara promosi hebat pasal Perkahwinan Diraja England Prince William dan Lady Kate Midleton ... ahaks!. .hehehe

Psst: Kengkawan kira ada tak mat salleh mana tah nak baca entry maza yang merapu ini tahap skor kedai kopi Pak Mat Tempe aje? hehehehe

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