‘Age’ is always growing, and left behind a lot of memories. Thus here we are, am try to record every single golden moment in my short life journey with you all.


Jumaat, 12 Mac 2010

A Picture with A thousand sense of Emotions

A few friends of mine had asked me to photographs my baby. At first place, I totally no idea how to do it.

After a while, Ms. Nono introduced me some of baby photograph's blog. Then, only by the chance, I tried to photograph my baby moments. hehehehe

Any comment is welcome..

After edited those black & white pics, than I started realize. Every single picture have own story. A story about ourselves growth from mum womb. There a face that lies a moment of true love and hardship journey.

A: Happiness
B. Tranquil
C. Wonder & Hardship
D. Serenity in enlightenment
E. Surrender & Submit

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